By Sean Bates

No need to hold your breath, Zac Efron is reportedly joining the cast in Baywatch. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 27-year old Efron, famous for his roles in High School Musical and Neighbors, will join Dwayne Johnson in red trunks and save scores of helpless swimmers on the beaches of California. Efron will play a new hot-shot lifeguard that breaks the rules and butts heads with his older, stricter superior, played by Johnson. However when an oil tycoon threatens to ruin their pristine beach, the two team up to save the day. Despite the typically serious nature of lifeguarding the new Baywatch film won’t be without its comedic routines. Directed by Seth Gordon and written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, there will be plenty of tongue-in-cheek comedy. The film will be produced by Ivan Reitman along with Beau Flynn, and is expected to come out sometime in 2017. This will be similar to the 21 Jump Street reboot, in which a popular but cheesy and outdated pop culture staple is remade in a self-aware and comedic light. This is also a continuation of Efron’s career revival in comedy as he is set to star in several comedies coming on the horizon.

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