By Mandela Wells

The English dubbed version of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F has been recently riding a huge wave of success. The film last weekend made over $1,811,063 in select theaters here in the United States. It has officially beaten Hiyao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle ($4.7M) and The Wind Rises to claim a spot at #9 in the top 10 highest grossing Anime films domestic. It is the first indie anime film to do so as Hiyao Miyazaki’s films were released by Disney and had to play for weeks to get the kind of success they had as well as a spot in that top ten list.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F is the 19th movie from the creators of the anime series and it sees the return of one of the series’s greatest villains Frieza, as he is revived and once again battles Goku and Vegeta, looking for revenge. Many of the voice actors from the original show voice this dub version of the movie. Dragon Ball Z Resurrection of F will still be in theaters until wednesday.