By Mandela Wells

For the first time since Mr and Mrs. Smith Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt share the big screen together for By The Sea, a picture Jolie directed herself. A teaser trailer for the film has finally been released and although it is only a minute and 43 seconds we learn that the real life husband and wife duo of Jolie and Pitt are playing in this movie a married couple with issues. in the trailer we hear the sounds of Harry Nilsson’sPerfect day” and are treated to clips of the couple on a vacation in a lavish house by the sea (no pun intended). Both are heavy drinkers and take certain pills. The teaser manages to excite our curiosity when Brad Pitt’s character Roland begins asking Vanessa played by Jolie “Are we ever going to talk about it” as she responds “you know my reason.” The trailer then escalates with scene of intense marital drama which includes Vanessa slapping her husband multiple times. As the trailer ends it brings us out by the sea once again.

Joining Jolie and Pitt is Melanie Laurent of Inglorious Bastards, and Now You See Me. Pitt and Jolie also wrote and co produced the picture as well. By the Sea hits theaters November 13th. Scroll down to check out the teaser trailer.