By Kaeli Van Cott

Stonewall focuses on Danny Winters, a fictional gay man who moves to Greenwich Village, New York after being kicked out of his parents’ home for his homosexuality in 1969. After befriending street kids, he begins frequenting The Stonewall Inn and faces discrimination and harassment by the police. As tensions begin to rise, the local LGBTQ community begins to protest, and with the toss of a single brick, a riot ensues. The film is based upon the real life Stonewall Riots that occurred in 1969.

The latest trailer for Roland Emmerich’s Stonewall helps viewers to become invested in the lives of the LGBTQ community in the film, even if they do not have those connections in real life. With the recent passing of same-sex marriage throughout the United States, the film has become timelier than ever. Stonewall stars Jeremy Irvine, Jonny Beauchamp, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Ron Perlman, Joey King and Caleb Landry Jones.

Emmerich is known for directing big action blockbusters like The Day After Tomorrow and 2012. Stonewall will be in theaters on September 25. Check out the trailer below.