By William Tarashuk

UFC star, Ronda Rousey is set to star in her own biopic. The 28 year old global phenomenon has made her mark as the greatest female UFC fighter in the history of the sport and her story will be told on the big screen. I have no problem with a Ronda Rousey film, but why so soon? She is in the prime of her career and it feels like they are trying to tell a story that isn’t even halfway complete.

I am an enormous Ronda Rousey fan. Her presence in the octagon is second to none and her popularity in pop culture has exploded in the past two years. Her last three fights have been a combined 104 seconds, pure dominance. It can’t be ignored that people want to see Rousey in any way possible. Leave it to Hollywood to cash in on the opportunity, literally.

Being a huge fan of Ronda Rousey and her work but what story can she tell? She has never mentioned a hard upbringing in any of her interviews or hype for one of her fights, and believe me that would bring in huge money. A female fighter overcoming all odds and becoming the biggest star in the sport which is dominated by men, plus a huge rage to riches story would be perfect, but I’m not sure that is true. I can see Hollywood making up some story to fill in the banks and making the “based on a true story” gimmick mean as little as possible.

The movie is based on a book called “My Fight/Your Fight” and it was written by Rousey and her sister. The book is about the challenges she had to overcome on her way to the top, which I don’t doubt existed, but I would bet money will be highly exaggerated on the big screen. That being said, I love that Rousey will star as herself. She has experience as an actress in films such as Expendables 3, Entourage, and Furious 7. She is a decent actress but she will also be playing herself so it is easier. That is not something that is seen often in biopics, but probably for good reason.

Think of all the biopics that have ever existed. Ali comes to mind, also about an amazing fighter Mohammad Ali. The movie is highly underrated with Will Smith playing the legendary boxer but imagine if that movie was made in Ali’s prime. Imagine if Ali starred in the movie himself when he was going through his court cases about his refusal of the draft. The movie would be a mess and incomplete. His story was not finished. Rousey does not have that kind of adversity but it still begs the question of what the movie will actually be about. Ronda Rousey is highly talented in and outside of the UFC octagon, but her story is not over. You could argue that it is just beginning.

The Ronda Rousey story is not even close to being over and to make a bio pic seems foolish to do right now. The idea is fantastic, but the timing is not. Where will the movie end? Will there be a sequel? A movie like Ali was made after his boxing days were done and there was not much left to tell. What if something monumental in her life happens while filming? What if she gets married? Or, what if she loses her title? Her actually losing is highly unlikely but factors like this have to be considered when making a biopic.

I have my doubts and concerns about this movie, but that being said, I cannot wait for this movie to come out. Ronda Rousey is a must see commodity. She main evented a UFC event. Women have not had this much attention in sports since, well maybe ever. She is a global icon and an inspiration for all women so making a movie about her makes sense. I have my fear about the quality of the film with the actual story and accuracy but that is not necessarily what Hollywood cares about anymore, but that is a conversation for another day. For now, society should continue to praise Ronda Rousey and look up to her as a role model.