By Mandela Wells

Carla Gugino, Britt Robertson and Oscar nominee Gary Oldman have all officially joined a new intergalactic love story directed by Peter Chelsom. These 3 join star Asa Butterfield in movie which revolves around a boy who was born under unique circumstances and is trying to win the heart of a young girl.

The plot will be first set during a mission to colonize Mars which is led by a billionaire entrepreneur. One of the female astronauts is found to be pregnant. She unfortunately dies during childbirth and her son is raised in secrecy on Mars. Sixteen years later, the same boy now a teen (Butterfield) begins an online romance with a girl from Colorado (Robertson).

He hatches a plan that involves meeting this girl and sweeping her off her feet while at the same time trying to find the billionaire who led the mars mission years earlier. The boy hopes to find the answers to the many questions he has had all his life.

The movie will be produced by Richard Lewis and will be distributed by STX Entertainment. The flick currently has no set release date nor a production starting date.