By Sean Bates

A childhood staple of the Millennial generation is being remade. Over a decade since Stuart Little first graced the silver screen Sony Pictures and Red Wagon Entertainment are giving the family flick a shiny new remake. Similar to the original, the remake will be a hybrid blend of animation and live-action footage as it follows Stuart and the human family that adopts him.

Although the film will not be labelled a remake, or even a franchise reboot, this is being billed as another adaptation of E.B. White’s children’s book of the same name from 1945. The film will reportedly be in the vein as a John Hughes movie, meaning there might be a few discrepancies between the finished product and the source material.

After becoming a childhood classic, the 1999 film featured Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie as Eleanor and Frederick Little. Michael J Fox voiced Stuart, and Nathan Lane voices Snowball, the family’s cat. The original film grossed well over $300 million, and the sequel raked in a sizeable $169 million.

For now there’s not much information floating around regarding this new adaptation, however Douglas Wick will produce the new film as he produced the 1999 film. Red Wagon Entertainment has a few more films to complete before they can begin work on the new Stuart Little so it may be a while before we hear about this again.

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