By Sara Whitman

The first large movie theatre shooting about which I remember learning was the 2012 shooting at the Century 16 movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Of course, movie theatre violence dates back decades. I am not here to rant about the overall strictness, or lack therefore of, with guns in America. However, with the recent Lafayette movie theatre shooting, something must be said.

Since we do not want to infringe on the American right to bear arms, maybe we could do something as a precaution to stop violence in theatres before it happens. I feel that the most low-key way to prevent movie theatre violence, or violence in any public place, would be to install metal detectors in the doorways of these spaces. I am not calling for fully-armed policemen and search dogs. This is just a small step in the process of revolutionizing the safety of the public.

Metal detectors are nothing new-they have them at the entrance of amusement parks, museums and even some schools. These detectors do not harm anyone. As long as pedestrians walk through them and clear the test, it is smooth sailing. I think this would be an excellent idea to let people have some peace in mind as they enter a public building. Having extra security measures does not mean in any way that one place is more or less secure than the next. It is simply a precaution that can save a life.

When I am in public, I have definitely worried about gun violence, especially walking through NYC and even sitting down to watch a Broadway show. Metal detectors may not stop people from carrying guns, but it can stop them from using them for violence. Movie theatres are the perfect avenues for setting an example of bettered security in America. Once cinemas start vamping their security, other places will follow and we will be on the road to a safer America.