By Mandela Wells

All Channing Tatum and Gambit fans can now rest easy as Tatum WILL remain apart of the “Gambit” project and WILL play the titular character from the X-Men Universe. According to reports 20th Century Fox’s plans for the X-Men spinoff were on shaky ground when the studio hit a problem in negotiations with lead Tatum. Many at first believed it had to with the 154 million budget for the solo film. Yet based on certain reports what it really was was that 20th Century Fox is trying to launch a new flagship for their mutant franchise and are looking to make Tatum be “The Guy” now for their X-Men Franchise. This makes sense especially in the wake of news that Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence are going to with the coming years be done playing Wolverine and Mystique respectively. If the new report is to be believed, it seems Tatum was having to negotiate to issues about the extent of his involvement in Fox’s Marvel universe.

For now Tatum has as of August 1st officially locked in his deal with 20th Century Fox and will play card wielding mutant in a solo film directed by Rupert Wyatt. Production is set to begin on the new “Gambit” film this fall.