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July 2015


“X-Men: Apocalypse” photo’s so far

Mandela Wells, Opinion Articles

So Last weekend a teaser trailer finally shown from X-Men: Apocalypse and it looks pretty good (Then again we aren’t even getting the tip of the iceberg as far as footage). The cast also came out and gave a little…


Superhero’s Losing Their Super

Opinion Articles, William Tarashuk

With the entire Comic Con buzz surrounding “Batman v Superman” and Suicide Squad the world is surrounded by superheroes. When will it stop? Superheroes have dominated the box office and the summer season for the last decade or so, and…


Hugh Jackman drops out of “Collateral Beauty”, Johnny Depp eyed to replace him

Mandela Wells, News Articles

Hugh Jackman of the “X-Men” Franchise and the upcoming Pan, has officially dropped out of Alfonso Gomez-Rejon’s Collateral Beauty. Collateral Beauty is an upcoming drama film that revolves around a story about a New York advertising executive and his co-workers,…


Terminator Genisys

Mandela Wells, Movie Reviews

I cant tell you how excited I was to hear that a new Terminator was on the way and that Aaaaahnold was coming back in his best role of his career. Forgetting Jai Courtney and Jason Clarke joining I was…


Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu’s highly anticipated The Revenant finally releases a trailer

Mandela Wells, News Articles

He won the Academy Award this year for best Director, best original screenplay and as a co-producer for Birdman and now Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu is back again with another picture that is sure to land him back in award contention…


Michael Cera cast as Robin in upcoming “Lego Batman”

News Articles, Sara Whitman

Michael Cera has finalized a deal to voice Robin, Batman’s crime-fighting partner, in Warner Bros.’ The Lego Movie spinoff, Lego Batman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Superbad star will join many talents from The Lego Movie, including Will Arnett,…


3 more names added to Bruce Willis Detective Comedy.

Joy Jones, News Articles

Bruce Willis Detective Comedy has now officially Included rapper Tyga, Famke Janssen, and Adam Goldberg In Mark and Robb Cullen’s new comedic adventure we learn what a man will do to save his best friend. Things get personal between a…


New “Pan” trailer released

Mandela Wells, News Articles

A new trailer has been released for Pan the Peter Pan origin story. Equipped with a beginning narration by Amanda Seyfried Pan starts out introducing the main players of the story, Peter (Levi Miller), Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman), Hook (Garrett Hedland)…


Spike Lee’s “Chiraq” to be Amazon’s first original production and to get a theatrical release

Mandela Wells, News Articles

Legendary director Spike Lee has a new movie coming out known as Chi-Raq and it will be Amazon’s first original movie production. The picture is the first official film pickup for Amazon Studios, which hired Ted Hope an indie Producer…


3rd official Fantastic Four trailer released

Danielle Moskowitz, News Articles

The third Fantastic Four trailer was recently released, featuring Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman (Kate Mara), Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic (Miles Teller), Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch (Michael B. Jordan), Ben Grimm aka The Thing (Jamie Bell),…

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