By William Tarashuk

Tommy Lee Jones has been added to the much anticipated Bourne sequel. Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass are already set to return and with a name like Tommy Lee Jones added to the film, it seems to be more than just a cash grab. Jones will co-star alongside Damon and play the grumpy old CIA agent who is in charge of bringing Jason Bourne to justice. Jones name is added to the list of Brian Cox, Chris Cooper, David Strathairn, and Joan Allen of people who have tried to stop Jason Bourne.

It was also announced that Julia Stiles will return for the fourth time in the series. She will also be joined by Alicia Vikander who is coming off a breakthrough performance in Ex Machina. Her role in the movie has not been determined but her addition will add more power to the punch they filmmakers want to make at the box office.

On a side note, the new Mission Impossible movie is coming out this weekend so you can count on the producers to be watching the numbers in the box office. The two films are in a similar genre, both have a strong lead character, and are both established franchises getting up there in installments. Right now the film is on course to start filming by the end of the summer and hopes to be in theaters on July 29 2016. Although, depending on box office numbers this weekend that could all change.