CNN Films and Magnolia Pictures have released the first trailer and poster for the upcoming documentary Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine. The film debuted at South by Southwest, however this is the first look that the general public has had of the film. The trailer shows some of the key products that Jobs has had a hand in developing over the years and the many, now famous, elements of his personality. The first part of the trailer paints him as being a huge visionary and leader for the computer industry. However, it then goes on to state that “his stuff was beloved, but it wasn’t that he was beloved” and begins to show another, darker, side of Steve Jobs. The trailer finishes by talking about the many contrasting elements of his famous personality. If anything this trailer reveals that the film will go into more detail on some of the “Steve Jobs stereotypes” and famous stories that have developed throughout the years. The documentary is directed by Oscar winner Alex Gibney and has already met with some controversy. Apple executive Eddie Cue has criticized the film saying it is “an inaccurate mean-spirited view of my friend” and then adding that “it’s not a reflection of the Steve I knew.” Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine will open in select theaters on September 4.