Backstreet’s back and this time on big screen. Nick Carter has recently leaked to Rolling Stone that they will be sharing the screen with their ‘90s boy band rival Joey Fatone of ‘NSync for the upcoming ‘zombie Western futuristic horror movie’. Fatone told the magazine, “I’m the only ‘NSync-er as of now, but you never know.’ Carter will write and star in the film. Fellow Backstreet Boys Howie Dorough and A.J. McLean have announced that they will also be involved in the project. This film will be produced by The Asylum, which is the studio behind the ‘Sharknado’ series. As of right now, the title of this film is Dead 7. The film is based around a zombie plague that a motley crew set out to fight. Carter described his character stating that “my character is still being worked out right now, but I’m a good guy that’s going to help save the day”, unlike Fatone who announced that he will be playing “the drunk”. Apparently, Fatone mentioned how Carter plans to “bring some other people in that genre that have never really done a lot of film but that were in music in the Nineties and 2000s. Fatone talked about the Backstreet/’NSync crossover; “We’ve never done anything together collectively. People always think [we’re] some sort of rivals. But it’s so funny, there’s never been animosity or anything like that. Now we’re setting the record straight by doing a film together.” There has not yet been an announced release date for Dead 7.