Pixar gave us another look at it’s second film this year, The Good Dinosaur, in a trailer released on July 20th. The two-minute trailer gives a much greater look at the film’s style than we have seen before. It appears as though the film will have realistically style backgrounds, with comparatively more cartoonish dinosaurs. A blending of styles is nothing new to Pixar, as it can be seen in the studio’s current release, Inside Out. This trailer shows some how many the environments in the film will look and goes on to show their beauty. Besides detailing the look of the film, the trailer also shows a greater look at the dynamic between its to main characters, Arlo (Raymond Ochoa), the Apatosaurus, and a young human boy, who gets named Spot (Jack Bright). It gives brief glimpses into how the two meet as well as some of the adventures that they have together throughout the film. Set to Crystals by Of Monsters and Men, the trailer has a real “friendship bonding” type vibe to it which will likely be a large part of the film. Additionally, the titles “a single moment can change history” and “a single kindness can change everything” are shown. With that it is likely that they will be some of the key themes to be explored in the film. Overall the trailer seems to be a good look at what both the look and feel of The Good Dinosaur will be when it hits theaters on November 25. Scroll Down to check out the trailer