Have you ever wanted to solve a murder mystery? Now is your chance. Variety reported that next Sunday, July 26, CryptTV, the digital networking service co-founded by “MaestroEli Roth, will host an intriguing live murder mystery on the video messaging service Snapchat.

The characters will include social media stars who boast large amounts of followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.The stars will be invited to a party, during which they get killed off one by one. The list of sensational social media gurus include Logan Paul (11.6 million followers across Vine, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram), Nick Bateman (6.3 million), Lia Marie Johnson (4 million), Jack Baran (3.6 million), and Simone Shepherd (3.5 million). Once the party goers have all been slain, Snapchat users will have 24 hours to view clues via CryptTV’s Snapchat and attempt to get to the bottom of the crime. The reason they only have 24 hours is due to Snapchat’s 24 hour viewing limit.

Roth is producing the mayhem, which will be directed by Culprit Creative. CryptTV’s other credits are a non-scripted series about people who courageously overcame their disabilities to achieve their goals, called A Little Different, and One Minute Horror, a series of scary films less than a minute in length.