He won the Academy Award this year for best Director, best original screenplay and as a co-producer for Birdman and now Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu is back again with another picture that is sure to land him back in award contention next year. The Revenant teaser trailer is finally out and we also see the return of Leonardo Dicaprio once again as he portrays real life fur trapper Hugh Glass. The trailer gives little in dialogue but introduces a unique landscape in the woods as we see a battle breakout between the natives and forces aligned with Glass. Among Glass’s forces is his companion John Fitzgerald who according to the account of Glass’s story robbed him and left him to die after he was attacked by a bear. Many shots are shown to be in natural lighting as it is reported the entire film was shot like that. Innaritu’s noncutting directing is shown once again in many scenes of intense action. The trailer ends with Glass riding on a horse away from a pack of indians hot on his tail.

Dicaprio is joined in this film by his Inception co-star Tom Hardy who plays Fitzgerald in the movie, Will Poulter, Domhnall Gleeson and Lukas Haas. The story was adapted from the original story written by Michael Punke. Innaritu’s film faces stiff box office competition such as The Hateful Eight, Joy, Daddy’s Home, Point Break and Snowden as they will all including The Revenant be released Christmas Day. Scroll Down to check out the trailer.