Kate Winslet is set to go Australian as she stars alongside “The Hunger Games Saga” star Liam Hemsworth in the trailer for “The Dressmaker”. As shown in the trailer Winslet plays a woman who returns to her small Australian town that she grew up in to care for her sick mother after traveling around to places such as London,Milan and Paris. She begins transforming the women of her town by utlizing her dressmaking skills, but despite her efforts no one seems to be able to look past the rumors that she killed a young boy when she was ten. The trailer also sees for the first time Hemsworth utilizing his actual Australian accent for a film role.

The film not only stars Winslet and Hemsworth but Oscar nominee Judy Davis, rising aussie actress Sarah Snook and Hugo Weaving. The film is directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse and based on the book by Rosalie Ham. The Dressmaker hits theaters October 22nd.