The breakout stars of Despicable Me finally have their own movie. In Minions, Stuart, Bob, and Kevin search for a master to serve and discover Super Villain Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock) and her plot to take over England.

My first impression of this movie is that it is funny. The film is an hour and a half of nonstop antics by these little yellow guys, and it is hilarious. The reason why the minions were so popular in the Despicable Me movies had to do with their humor and it really works well in their own movie. Though you won’t be able to understand most of what they say, their antics help to keep the film light-hearted, upbeat, and entertaining.

For as much humor as there is in the film, the plot was lacking. First off, the history of the Minions from the beginning of time will leave you with more questions than it actually explains. Being completely honest, I really did not care about the story of the Minions and Scarlet Overkill. Though the runtime of the film is 90 minutes, it felt longer due to not enough plot to carry through the film. Due to the fact that this is a prequel and it’s known that the minions survive and meet Gru (Steve Carell), it takes away any level of suspense or danger that the film tries to portray. One plot detail that bothers me is that after just meeting the Minions, Scarlet trusts them to steal an object that she has wanted her whole life.

Character wise, I found the character Scarlet Overkill to be, well (for lack of a better word), overkill. She was very hard to like and way over the top. Her husband, Herb Overkill (Jon Hamm) was barely relevant to the storyline. Quite frankly, any character in this film that is not a Minion is pretty much forgettable. However, near the end of the film, there are some nice scenes of the minions with a young Gru.

Musically, classic rock hits from The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, and more were thrown in at random times during the movie for not much reason other than maybe to keep older viewers interested. Taking place in England in 1968, there was of course an obligatory Beatles Abbey Road crossing reference and a Minions rendition of “The Monkees” theme song, which, though random, was quite cute. Additionally, an upbeat score from Heitor Pereira did set a nice mood for the film.

The bottom line on Minions is that, yes the plot is not great and the movie has flaws that are commonly seen in children’s films, but ultimately, it is a very funny movie that I think kids will enjoy.

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