Production for London Town is finally underway after several years of planning. London Town written by Kirsten Sheridan, Sonya Gildea and Matthew Brown is an endearing coming of age story about a teen who travels to London in search of his estranged mother after receiving a cassette tape.  On the cassette is “White Riot”, the 1977 debut single for one of England’s most esteemed punk rock bands, The Clash. Starring as Joe Strummer, front man for The Clash is Jonathan Rhys Meyers. This Irish born actor is best known for his starring roles on dramatic TV series including Dracula and The Tudors, but this won’t be Meyers first time portraying a tantalizing rock star. In the summer of 2005 Meyers starred as Elvis Presley in Elvis. He received outstanding reviews not only for his performance as Elvis, but also his resemblance to Presley. Director of the film Derrick Borte is hoping to conjure the same reaction with Meyers as Strummer. While Meyers suffered a mild relapse only a few months ago, this nor his past addiction problems appear to be interfering with production. Filming for London Town began on June 28th and is expected to be complete by the end of July. London Town is set in 1978; The Clash was in it’s prime during this time.

Alongside Meyers will be Daniel Huttlestone as the budding teen and Natascha McElhone as his mother. London Town is being produced by Dutch Tilt Film and Culmination Productions. Producers are Sofia Sondervan of Dutch Tilt Film, Christine Vachon of Killer Films’ and Tom Butterfield of Culmination Productions in association with Weather Vane Productions.

Executive producers include Weather Vane’s Jason VanEman, Ross Marroso, and Ben McConley.  In addition to Weather Vane will be Vandermolen Film’s Alastair Burlingham, Lee Vandermolen, and Charlie Dombek; Head Gear’s Phil Hunt and Compton Ross; Tunnel Post’s Luke Daniels and Alan Poe; Jeff Rice; Matthew Lamothe; Steve Knox; Matthew Brown; Scott Lochmus, Angel Chen; Dennis Mykytyn; and Storyland Pictures.