Renowned producer of films such as Nashville, Diner, The Karate Kid and all three “Ocean’s Eleven” films, died yesterday of cardiac arrest at the age of 77. Weintraub who was born in Brooklyn and later raised in the Bronx started out as radio operator in the military before working in the mailroom of MCA. he quickly was promoted up to assistant agent and then agent in the 1950s and ’60s. By the early ’70s Weintraub had built a large business, Concerts West with his partner Tom Hulett. The business was known for which booking music talent such as Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and The Beach Boys. His Management III handled John Denver, Neil Diamond, Dolly Parton and many others as well as having packaged TV specials for them.

It wasn’t until 1974’s Nashville did Weintraub get into the film business. He served as an executive producer on the Academy Award nominated film. he enjoyed one of his biggest commercial hits in ’77 with the film Oh, God!, which starred John Denver and George Burns. Other films he produced included All Night Long, 9/30/55,  Happy New Year, William Friedkin’s Cruising (which gained a lot of publicity from the protests of gay activists) as well as the 1982 Barry Levinson film Diner. It wasn’t until 1984’s Karate Kid that Weintraub became a household name among film producers.
He went on to produce more “Karate Kid” sequels and even the 2010 remake. The man is also responsible for producing the 2001 hit remake film Ocean’s Eleven and the sequels that would come after.

Some of Weintraub’s last projects included the current HBO mini- series The Brink which stars Jack Black and Tim Robbins as well as the live action version of Tarzan. Weintraub is survived by his wife Jane Morgan whom he married in 1964 and never divorced. But despite that he lived with his girlfriend Susan Ekins for the last 20 years. He is also survived by his four children he had with Morgan, Jody, a TV producer; his brother Melvyn and five grandchildren. He will be missed.