First we found out Michael K Williams joined the “Ghostbusters” remake and now more names have officially signed on. Yes that’s right, Academy Award nominee Andy Garcia, Cecily Strong, Matt Walsh and Saturday Night Live alum Neil Casey will all be joining the 3rd film in the franchise. Garcia is said to be playing the role of the mayor of New York, a role which was played by David Margulies in the 84 original. Strong’s character is currently unknown while Matt Walsh will be playing a guy named Rourke. Finally Casey has nabbed the big role of the movies main villain Rowan.

The film is currently being shot out in Boston and features several comedic actresses including Kristen Wigg, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon. Chris Hemsworth of the Avengers Age of Ultron will also make an appearance in the remake. July 22nd 2016 is when you can expect this film to hit theaters.