By Mandela Wells

Over the years we’ve seen a single iconic character grow and change over time. That man’s name is Rocky Balboa. In the first film the man was the underdog who had nothing to lose but everything to gain. In the second we saw the newly famous Rocky and the man who was facing criticism Apollo Creed fight in a rematch that both men desperately needed. In the third film it was an unexpected turn of events as the two rivals became partners as Rocky learned to embrace a new fighting style. In the fourth we see Rocky overcome a huge amount of Hurdles including the death of his friend Apollo all the way out in Siberia and the fifth we see Balboa face the toughest challenge of his life retirement and all its consequences. Finally in the 6th Balboa makes a grand return to the ring but comes up just a little short. We have seen Balboa go through a perilous journey as a boxer.

Now comes a new film that focuses on Adonis Johnson Creed, the son of one of his greatest rivals/friends Apollo Creed. The first trailer for Creed we see  Michael B Jordan play this new character who is the focus for the first time in the franchise. He is young, dedicated, and a seasoned fighter who trains hard (sounds like a certain Italian boxer we know) however he is fierce and has been fighting his whole life without the guidance of his late father. About half way through we see the return of Mr. Balboa who we know trains the young man in the film.

Seeing this trailer I must say it provides an interesting thought to contemplate how will the relationship between the son of his former rival and Balboa play out? From the looks of the trailer this kid maybe more explosive then we are already seeing in the trailer. After seeing how he mentored a kid in the 5th film it is no secret Balboa knows a thing or two about grooming a fighter but i think for this 7th film why he needs to be back in this role is because now he has truly gone through every challenge and hurdle a fighter can go through and he now has the wisdom to lead a kid who is seemingly facing immense odds out into the limelight of true success. This will be interesting to watch

Expect Creed to be out on Nov 25th. Scroll down to check out the trailer.