Those might be tears in your eyes after watching the first trailer for Secret In Their Eyes. Julia Roberts, real-life mother of three, stars in this dark thriller as a mother whose daughter has been murdered and left in a dumpster. Even in the first trailer, Roberts pulled some dark emotions from within to take on the role, as writer-director Billy Ray says, with gusto.

The story starts with Jess (Roberts) as an FBI Investigator with a lot to look forward to when she is called to the scene of her daughter’s crime. Although authorities have found her daughter’s killer, they let him go due to lack of evidence. Over a decade later, Jess tracks down this man on an obsessive path for revenge.

       Secret In Their Eyes is based on an Oscar-winning foreign film of the same name directed by Juan José Campanella. The lead role was gender-swapped. Chiwetel Ejiofor of Doctor Strange and Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman are also on the project. The film will hit theaters on October 23rd. Scroll Down to see the trailer.

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