By Lyndsay Crescenti

After Alicia Vikander dropped out of the upcoming “Assassin’s Creed” film, the search began to fill her shoes. It has just been announced that newcomer Ariane Labed has joined the cast. It is unclear what role she will fill in the movie. This will be the Greek-born French actress’s most high-profile role yet, after receiving attention for winning Best Actress awards at the Venice Film Festival, Hellenic Film Academy Awards and Angers European First Film Festival for her role in Attenberg, about a 23-year-old who feels stagnant after living so long in a boring factory town. Labed joins the already announced Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard for the film.

The movie’s inspiration stems from the successful video game series of the same name. The main character, Desmond Miles, is repeatedly sent back in time to procure historical artifacts by inhabiting the bodies of his assassin ancestors. However, details surrounding the plot of the film largely remain shrouded in mystery. It is currently slated for release December 21st, 2016.

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